• New package STIMULFOS for injection two 10 ml vials for dogs and cats

50 years of scientific commitment, passion and love for animals
Teknofarma is a family-owned, limited company founded in Torino in the 1940s to manufacture pharmaceutical products for human use.In the early 1960s, the Company was the first in Italy to start focusing on veterinary pharmaceuticals for companion animals, developing and producing some “milestones” in the Italian veterinary field. Teknofarma’s history is an extraordinary mix of science, passion for animals and a great practical mind. It is the history of a company, but more than that, it is the history of a person: Vittorina Colombatti, universally known as DOTTORESSA, a woman of science who influenced the development of the veterinary pharmaceutical field in Italy right from the start, discovering new paths and pursuing them with determination.
At the beginning of the 1960s, thanks to her, the first injectable anthelmintic for dogs, ANCHILEN, was developed based on the experience gained in the human sector, and on the love for her dog, Asch, who didn’t respond to traditional treatments. From this first spark, Teknofarma was led by its Founder to become the protagonist of important scientific and industrial developments in the sector, resulting in original and innovative products for veterinary pharmacology in Italy. Some of them are still unparalleled today:
ASCARILEN, the first product for cats and dogs containing Levamisole, the laevorotary isomer of the far less active Tetramisole, which was then available on the market;
LEN, the first broad-spectrum anthelmintic for cats and dogs;
DIUREN, the first veterinary diuretic and the only one with a complete range of formulations and strenghts;
GLAZAR DERM, the first supplement with ω3 and ω6
essential fatty acids;
DEROXEN, the one and only
Chlorhexidine-based medicinal product;
Today in Teknofarma, with the same spirit and passion of the Founder and thanks to the efforts of our technicians and researchers, we write new pages of this unique and fully Italian history every day, facing the challenges of a constantly and rapidly evolving sector, to create and produce ever more advanced solutions for animal health and wellbeing.
Teknofarma, our first 50 years with you
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