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Our duties towards animals are merely indirect duties towards humanity


Immanuel Kant

There is a growing awareness in society that the health of domestic and wild animals, the health of humans, plants and the environment, including ecosystems, are closely linked and interdependent.

This holistic view of health can be expressed in two words: “One Health”.

According to the World Health Organization, “One Health” is an approach to designing and implementing programs, policies, legislation and research in which multiple sectors communicate and work together to achieve better public health outcomes.

Thus, the “One Health” approach is multidisciplinary; it involves and promotes the right balance and interaction among relevant professional groups, particularly among public health physicians and veterinarians, family physicians, pharmacists, epidemiologists, environmental and wildlife professionals, and sustainable development experts.

The areas of work in which a One Health approach is particularly relevant include:

  • food safety
  • the control of zoonotic diseases
  • the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

Teknofarma shares and embraces the “One Health” approach.
To love and care for animals is also to love and care for oneself.
For a shared welfare.

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