Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

With over 50 years of experience in the veterinary pharmaceutical field, Teknofarma develops, manufactures and markets its products according to strict quality criteria, a key principle that the company applies to all its business activities.

Every aspect (technical, medical, regulatory) is carefully and competently taken care of and studied by a team of chemists, pharmaceutical chemists, biologists and veterinary physicians in cooperation with university professors and researchers, with the goal of offering veterinary medicinal products, complementary feed and hygiene products that meet the real needs of animals and their owners.

The development and manufacturing of Teknofarma’s products follow the quality standards of the Pharma industry, in compliance with the regulations that apply to each type of product.

Quality comes first.

Because, ultimately, the quality of products is the best advertising for a Company, and is the only kind of advertising that is really worth investing in.

Certifications and authorizations

The Company operates in accordance with international quality criteria, as defined by the following standards:

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), for veterinary medicinal products
  • HACCP and GMP+, for complementary feed.

Veterinary medicinal products and GMP standards

Teknofarma has been authorized to manufacture medicinal products since 1963.

Manufacturing activities are carried out in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), a set of principles and rules that regulate the production of medicinal products and establish the technical and methodological criteria required to ensure the quality of the manufactured product, the consistency of production batches, and the execution of analytical and microbiological controls according to international standards.

The Company is regularly inspected by the Ministry of Health and is currently GMP certified.

Specifically, the site is authorized for the following activities:

  • production, packaging, batch control and certification of non-sterile veterinary medicinal products in the form of:
    • tablets
    • liquids for oral use (solutions, emulsions, suspensions)
    • liquids for external use, including ectoparasiticides (solutions, emulsions, sprays without propellant gas)
  • secondary packaging, chemical controls and batch certification of sterile veterinary medicinal products.

Complementary feed and HACCP and GMP+ standards

Teknofarma has been authorized to produce feed since 1974.

Specifically, in compliance with Regulations (EC) No 183/2005 and (EC) 1069/2009, TEKNOFARMA holds the authorization to produce and package complementary feed and premixtures for companion animals (Identification no. α IT 000146 TO – ABP4819PETPP3) in the form of:

  • tablets
  • liquids (solutions, suspensions)
  • powders.

Teknofarma operates in compliance with HACCP criteria.

The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system aims to ensure the safety and hygiene of products intended for human and animal consumption.


In 2021, Teknofarma also obtained the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance certification (GMP+ B8 Production of and Trade in Pet Foods), an internationally recognized standard specific to Pet Food.

The aim of this standard is to ensure the safety and quality of pet food products (complete and complementary feed) through shared rules that must be applied to the entire production process – from the selection of raw materials to the finished product.

The GMP+ FSA certification is given following an on-site inspection by internationally accredited independent certifying bodies.

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