Give your dogs adequate nutritional supplementation, and their genes will thank you

A turning point in the scientific approach to veterinary nutraceuticals

Iken Up Plus has recently been the object of two ground-breaking studies:

  • “A cross-talk between blood-cell neuroplasticity-related genes and environmental enrichment in working dog”, published on May 6, 2019 in “Scientific Reports”, a scientific journal of the prestigious international publisher Nature Research
  • “Benefits of dietary supplements on the physical fitness of German Sheperd dogs during a drug detection training course”, , published on June 14, 2019 on “Plos One”.

These studies initially identified a group of genes related to neuroplasticity, which is the dynamic process that leads to functional changes in gene expression in response to environmental stimuli.

The aim was then to evaluate the effects of supplementation with IKEN UP – as an additional factor of environmental stimulation – on the expressions of the previously identified genes and on the physical and cognitive performance of a group of working dogs. The results obtained, in addition to demonstrating the actual and real benefit in physical and organic terms of supplementing dogs with IKEN UP during the entire period of activity (improved physical endurance, less muscle damage, increased energy metabolism), also highlighted an extraordinary positive effect on gene expression, which has never been demonstrated before.

iken up plus neuroplasticity - Teknofarma

To download and view the brochure with the scientific studies click here:

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