Stien Pet Line
for medium and large dogs

Palatable tablets

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Complementary feed

DL-Methionine, Ammonium chloride
With hydrolysed animal protein of porcine origin

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medium and large dogs

Stien Pet Line: also suitable for dogs with food allergies

Stien Pet Line for medium and large dogs can also be taken by dogs with food allergies or intolerances (e.g. to chicken) without any contraindications, as the flavourings contained in Stien Pet Line consist exclusively of non-allergenic (average molecular weight lower than 1000 Daltons), high-quality protein hydrolysates of porcine origin and can be taken by dogs who are allergic to animal proteins.

The tablets are palatable and appreciated by animals.

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The daily quantity of STIEN Pet Line to be administered based on the kg of animal weight is given in the table below.

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Administer during or immediately after meals.

If your pet eats twice a day, split the daily quantity of tablets between the two meals.

To best define the right quantity to administer, a complete urinalysis or at least the urinary pH measurement should be performed periodically.

In any case, the daily dosage and period of use may be modified at the discretion of the veterinarian.


48-tablet blister pack.

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