Teknofarma stands by athletes and their four-legged friends of the FISC LIBERTAS National Agility Dog Team. The Company became one of its Official Sponsors in 2021.

Teknofarma has been closely following the national team’s preparation for the world championship, offering its athletes a supply of Iken Up Plus, Pet Remedy and other company products and gadgets, and participating in the rallies with its staff of Veterinary Doctors and Pharmaceutical sales reps.

The result of this collaboration paid off in early September 2022 when the national team, led by coach Alfonso Sabbatini, won the title of World Champion with an impressive 32 medals at the World Agility Championship held in Holland.

The agreement signed with the FISC LIBERTAS National Agility Dog Team Is a demonstration of the Company’s full commitment to dog sports activities.

More than a “sponsor” of the FISC LIBERTAS National Agility Dog Team, Teknofarma considers itself a “supporter”.

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Iken Up Plus: reviews from the national athletes

When did you start administering Iken Up Plus?

What effects have you noticed?

I started 4 months before the world championship, and I followed the advice given by Teknofarma on dosages and timing. At her last international event, Becky (10-year-old female Jack Russell) really benefited from it. After the first cycle, I noticed a clear improvement in performance: better lap times and a decrease in recovery time between heats over several consecutive days of competition. The performance remained consistent throughout the entire world championship. She was constantly trailing younger dogs in the top positions, and she missed the medals by a hair. During preparation, it was easier to keep her muscles at optimal levels - due to age, I was struggling to keep them constant - and I was able to increase the intensity of the workouts.

I did two cycles of Iken Up Plus. One last summer, one during the world championship. I started the second cycle 10 days before the world championship and finished it a few days after its end. I noticed that my dog kept a high physical and mental performance for the entire duration of the world championship. The recovery time between performances became shorter.

I started the administration 2 weeks after I received the product. For the administration, I followed the directions we had been given. I would say that the feedback is positive, as my dog seems to be in very good physical condition.

It has been a year now. The dog is more lively and shows better speed and endurance: we made gold medal. I also gave it to an elderly athlete who had been bitten and she recovered very well, and quickly.

How would you rate your experience with Iken Up Plus overall?

Would you recommend Iken Up Plus to other athletes?

I would say it was a very good experience: my 9-year-old dog showed very good tone and response even during training. I would undoubtedly recommend the product because I think it is an excellent complementary feed.

A very good product. Even if Giotto has a delicate stomach and has some intestinal problems, we have not had any problem with it. Sometimes he did not tolerate other dog sports complementary feed very well.

It’s great. I obviously don't use it continuously, but I start a couple of months before major events or during somewhat more intense training periods. Sure, I would recommend it.

My experience was great, I will use it again and have already recommended it to other people. The product is also palatable to dogs.

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