Lipovet: supports growth and the reproductive function

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Complementary feed

A-D-E vitamins, Lecithins

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At particular times in the life of a dog or a cat (for instance, a pregnant or lactating female), a higher intake of vitamins and specific substances that stimulate the anabolism may be necessary.

In these cases, to face states of deficiency or increased requirements, it may be necessary to supplement the animal’s diet with a suitable, specific complementary feed for cats and dogs, such as Lipovet.

What is Lipovet?

Lipovet is a supplementary feed designed to meet the increased demand for vitamins during particular periods in the lives of cats and dogs.

In particular, it supports the growth of kitties and puppies and helps to counter infertility in adult dogs and cats.

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What does Lipovet contain?

Lipovet contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Lecithins.

Vitamin A Vitamin A (or Retinol) is essential for the growth and normal development of the body. In particular, Vitamin A is involved in bone and tooth formation, vision in dim light, immune system functioning, and spermatogenesis. Its deficiency results in retarded growth in juveniles and anorexia, weight loss, night blindness, photophobia, and skin lesions in adults. In addition, it causes increased susceptibility to microbial infections and parasitic infestations. As for the reproductive sphere, Vitamin A deficiency in dogs and cats results in loss of libido in males and infertility in females.
Vitamin D Vitamin D is essential for the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus: it increases intestinal calcium absorption, decreases renal calcium and phosphorus excretion, and regulates bone mobilization. So, Vitamin D is fundamental for bone health:: in both dogs and cats, Vitamin D deficiency causes rickets in growing animals and osteomalacia in adults; it also predisposes to an increased risk of fractures.
Vitamin E Primarily, Vitamin E is a very important biological antioxidant, essential for the protection of cell membranes from the damage caused by free radicals. Its other functions in the body include the modulation of prostaglandin synthesis, the ability to increase the production of antibodies, and the regulation of cell membrane permeability. Vitamin E also benefits the reproductive function of both males and females. Vitamin E deficiency can cause, especially in dogs, hypofertility due to the degeneration of the testicular germinal epithelium and impaired spermatogenesis in males and failure of gestation in females.
Lecithins Lecithins promote cellular trophism by preserving the functionality of cell membranes, regulate body metabolism and, furthermore, promote brain functions. Due to these properties they are considered to have a reconstituent action in situations of stress and fatigue.
When is Lipovet indicated?

Adult dogs and cats
Lipovet is indicated in adult dogs and cats to counteract fertility disorders both in males and females and in all situations (mating, pregnancy, lactation, etc.) where it is necessary to promote anabolism.


Newborns, puppies and kittens
Lipovet is indicated in newborns immediately after birth when they show signs of neonatal distress, as well as later in puppies and kittens when growth stimulation is required.

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How shloud I use Lipovet?

Lipovet can be mixed with the meal.

Recommended daily intake:

  • in puppies and kittens: 2 drops per kg bodyweight, once or twice a day.
  • adult dogs and cats: 2 drops per kg bodyweight, once a day.

For large-sized dogs and for practical reasons, Lipovet can be measured in ml. 1 ml corresponds to about 30 drops.

It is recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought before use.

In which sizes is Lipovet available?

Lipovet is available in two packages:

  • 50 ml bottle with graduated pipette.
  • 500 ml bottle.
Where can I buy Lipovet?
Lipovet is a complementary feed and can be purchased in pharmacies, drugstores, pet shops and online on specialised pet product websites.
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